New chicks have arrived!

I ordered more chicks after we lost 8 to the dogs. We will be keeping 16 of the new chicks and giving 8 to friends. The chickens were shipped out on Wednesday from Texas and arrived on Friday (9/21/2001) in San Francisco.

Here are the new chicks.

She was sleeping when she arrived, and I can't wake her up.

Five days old now... My how they have grown. This is a Buff Orpington.

FYI: The chick did not lay this egg. I don't know what this one is... yet.

This is one of the Araucana chicks. We have 20 of these. They lay blue and green eggs.

This is either a Black Star or a Black Minorca.

Okay... Who laid that thing?

Testing egg density.

Testing table density.

The one in the back is saying "Marge, you have chicken feed stuck between your beak".


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