Chicken Page.

The chicks are here! (8/31/2000). While I was waiting for the chicks to arrive, the phone rang. As I answered all I could hear was the chirping of chicks before the mailman could say anything. I ordered five sets of five varieties ( Pearl - White Leghorn, Barred Rock, Araucana, Silver Laced Wyandotte, and Buff Minorca from Murray McMurray Hatchery. The red bulb is a special heat lamp to keep the chicks warm, with the temperature around 90 degrees. Last night the room was lit up like a bordello. Later today I'll get a black tarp for the windows so the neighbors won't think I'm operating a brothel. The neighborhood cat came by the window and peered in ... definitely looking for food and eyeing the chicks.

Here they are drinking from the silo and eating from the chick feeder just minutes after I took them out of the box.

Here they are eating breakfast this morning (9/1/00.)

This is the box they arrived in. Three were doa, two more died shortly thereafter. All the remaining ones seem strong and healthy.


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